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We have moved to our new space at 12064 Manchester Road.

From The Blog:

Tuesday Tennis Tip: Preventing Injury Tips

Warming up properly before playing and cooling down afterwards can help prevent tennis elbow. You may also need to have your tennis stroke — particularly your backhand, which is especially taxing to tendons — evaluated by an expert. He can help correct a faulty technique and may advise equipment changes, such as a looser-strung racquet or one with a smaller head. Keeping your wrists straight during any repetitive activity — whether it be hitting a tennis groundstroke or hammering a nail — and stopping play as soon as you feel pain are other steps you can take to prevent tennis elbow from returning. (By Carol Sarao)

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Tuesday Tennis Tip: Stringing Racket For Better Play


String your racket as loose as you can to provide more spin, ease on elbow and more pop on your strokes. One of the biggest changes we have seen over the years is players decreasing the string tension in their frames. Looser string beds allow the tennis ball to stay on the strings longer to provide more spin. (Providing you are swinging low to high). Additionally, looser strings are easier on the elbow. If you are a player who has a flatter stroke, looser strings will provide more power, so the trick is to find the lowest tension that you can control without the ball flying deep. Have a question about your string tension? Come in and let us show you how to customize your strings to your game. No appointment necessary.

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